Yoga in Valencia, Spain

In-person Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes in English, in Valencia, Spain. 

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga:

I am currently only teaching Private Yoga classes & Hypnobirthing courses.

All classes can also be carried out online, via Zoom. The classes can be in both languages, English and/or Spanish.
Yoga Embarazadas y Posparto en Valencia

What they say about the classes…

After Krish’s classes I now feel more capable and calm about the birth. Krish helped me connect with my body and I felt feminine and empowered! I am less scared and more calm about the birth, physically and mentally. I would definitely recommend her classes. They were so beneficial in making me feel grounded, level-headed, capable, confident and ready! I felt I was doing my body and my baby good. I would also say that the classes are just a very pleasant slot in your week! I always looked forward to them. The friendly, calm feeling was lovely and they helped me feel like me and get my head in a good space.

Yoga en Valencia

Me gusta la proximidad de Krishna y como inspira confianza. Las clases me han ayudado a notar zonas del cuerpo que no notaba antes, y a tomar consciencia semanalmente, de los cambios que estan tomando en mi cuerpo. Ahora se como ir adaptando mi practica con mi embarazo. Me gusta mucho la manera que Krishna da clase, porque estoy relajada y siempre puedo estar tranquila, y puedo encontrar la paz con mi cuerpo y en cualquier pose que este durante mi embarazo.

Sandra Casares, Valencia
Postnatal Yoga Student

For me it is my most awaited for moment of the week!

The Postnatal Yoga classes are about recovery. Recovering from the inside, from the heart, the body and everything.
Coming to Yoga is like finding and fixing yourself. The effect even lasts during the week.  When you arrive at class and when you leave, the body is totally different.

You feel light again, as if you hadn’t gone through these 9 months and all this drama of carrying a baby all day! It’s everything and for me it’s marvellous.

It’s made me stronger. It has inspired me. I feel good with my body.

Alba Lopez, Your Content Goes Here