The Truth about Being an Expat Mum, with Lynette Moore

Big changes in life can be both exciting and challenging.

For example, relocating to another country is a big deal. Having children is also a big deal.

Doing them both, at the same time, can be daunting (to put it mildly!).

As exciting as these big shifts are our in lives, they can also be scary!

The one thing that can get us through it, is a solid support system. Whether that’s your family, your childhood friends your work colleagues.

But what happens when you’re an expat, and those people are not around for you when you need them? You rely on strangers, and instead of having your go-to people who you’ve had until now. You suddenly have to find and build your own community. After having moved countries a number of times myself, and being an expat mum, I’ve learnt the importance of building your own village.

In this episode of the Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast, I talk to Lynette Moore, owner of Baby on Board Spain. As an expat, and then an expat mum, she shares her own experience of being pregnant and having a baby in a foreign country.

Lynette is a British mum, and has a son who was born in Madrid, Spain. She has lived in Spain for 10 years and is still currently in Madrid. Listen in to learn about Lynette’s experiences, what it was like to be pregnant in a foreign country, her postpartum challenges and how she overcame them.

We also talk about how her personal experiences of being an expat during her pregnancy and postpartum, led her to launch her company Baby On Board Spain, which now provides maternity services for English speakers giving birth and raising babies in Spain.

Apart from providing prenatal courses, consultations and Paediatric First Aid workshops, Lynette is also growing an online and in person community for pregnant and new parents to reduce social isolation and loneliness. She is building that village for mothers who truly need it the most.

Listen in to learn about Lynette’s experiences as an expat, an expat mum, her postpartum challenges and how she overcame them.

I loved sharing our experiences of what it’s like to be starting out our journey’s into motherhood in foreign countries. We talk about what it’s like to make friends in your 30s and how and when to actually build your tribe to support when you become a new mum.

This whole conversation took me back and reminded me of how resilient and amazing us mums can be!

If you’re an expat living in Spain, go check out Baby on Board and New and Expecting Mums in Spain Facebook group for incredible courses and support groups.

Check out some of their upcoming courses:

  • Paediatric First Aid Workshop in Madrid on 4 February
  • Prenatal group courses coming up in March and again in May in Madrid or online for parents due this Spring and summer!

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In the meantime, please enjoy this conversation!

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Thank you for listening!
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