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Embrace your journey into motherhood with Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, coaching & community.

A Perinatal Yoga membership with added support, to help pregnant and postnatal humans feel empowered, Calm and Confident in their magnificent journey into motherhood.

Starting December 1 2022



Are you struggling with fully embracing this supposedly most magical moment of your life?

Is there something preventing you from feeling happy and confident and allowing yourself to experience a pregnancy and postnatal period full of joy and a sense of security?

Are you worried about the changes your body is going through and if you’ll be able to recognize yourself in the mirror again?

Do you feel like you’re alone, your partner or those around you are living a different experience and don’t understand what you’re going through?

This Calm & Confident Membership can help you…
  • Manage and reduce any physical aches and discomforts and understand ”pain” from a different point of view.

  • Stay active, start or continue a yoga practice, in a safe manner for you and your baby.

  • Replace identify, manage and transform feelings of fear or anxiety into those that can help you thrive during this process.

  • By offering a safe community to lean on, when you are feeling lonely.

  • Help you overcome those blocks which are preventing you from stepping into motherhood from a place of joy and happiness

The Calm & Confident Yoga Membership is here to help you overcome those blocks which are preventing you from stepping into motherhood from a place of joy and happiness. Find the right support that acknowledges all your needs: from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Then this Perinatal membership is for you.

Congratulations, you are having a baby!

As beautiful as the experience can be, it can also feel lonely, confusing and many other feelings that may seem new.

You already know about the amazing benefits of practicing yoga, and you also know it’s important to know where to start, of how to be safe now that you’re carrying another being inside you.

Apart from the physical aspects, you now need to tend to your emotional shifts, mood swings, and understand why you have them in the first place, share them with the right people and learn how to manage these new feelings.

Allow yourself to be fully embody and embrace this experience with joy instead of fear. Have the right support around you and find the magical balance of calmness and confidence which will give you the power to birth your baby.

What If?

You’re enjoy a pregnancy that full of that feeling of inner calm & confidence…

You go into your delivery full of love instead of fear…

You receive physical & emotional support from trained coaches who are also mothers…

You learn tools during your pregnancy that will serve you for life…

Introducing The Calm & Confident Membership

Starting December 1 2022

Embrace your journey into motherhood with Yoga, community and emotional support

Calm & Confident Yoga Membership

The Calm & Confident Membership is a monthly members-only course consisting of both live and pre-recorded content especially designed for those in any stage of pregnancy and early postpartum.

With a foundation in Yoga, and supplemented by healthcare professionals, this membership covers all your needs throughout this journey, from physical exercises, to breathwork, emotional support all with the right professionals supporting you throughout.

This holistic and 360 approach to your journey into motherhood will give you the foundation to own and embrace your pregnancy and birth story wholly, be able to tap into your intuition when you need it the most, and most importantly feel empowered and master the combination of begin calm and confident at the same time.

what’s included:

Pre-recorded content

Unlimited access to videos with yoga classes, breathwork, relaxations, coaching, scientific explanations

Weekly live yoga classes

A prenatal and postnatal weekly yoga class were we can practice together, and you’re guided and seen by a trained yoga teacher.

Monthly Perinatal Workshops

Each month we’ll cover a different Perinatal topic. We’re starting with a Nutritional Health workshop in December led by Laura Milano, a Nutritional Therapist, and each month will be led by a different professional covering their area of expertise.

Monthly Perinatal Emotional and Wellbeing Health Coaching

Led and facilitated by a trained professional coach.

Group Support

A members-only private group where we can support each other through our journey.

Key Features
Prenatal Yoga Online The Four Trimersters

Breakdown of the four Trimesters

During pregnancy, and after birth, so much is shifting in the body in such a short amount of time, that it’s hard for our brains to follow. Each trimester will be explained in detail. With a combination of pre-recorded modules, live yoga classes and workshops the key changes will be explained from a scientific point of view, so you have a sound understanding of why you’re experiencing the physical and emotional changes.

Screen with Words Breath on it


We cannot underestimate the power of the breath. Learn how to first become aware of the breath and then how to control it, to help you remain calm, connect with your inner self and your baby.

Prenatal Yoga Online Krish Yoga Move

Yoga Asana

We all know about the benefits of keeping active. Maintaining and active lifestyle throughout your pregnancy will ensure you stay strong, healthy and confident for the birth and what comes after.

Between the live weekly classes and the prerecorded specialized modules, learn how to practice yoga safely and effectively for each trimester and follow specific classes to address those prenatal aches and pains.

Prenatal Yoga Online Relaxation

Conscious Relaxation

Relaxation is the key to allow the body to perform to its peak ability, this includes the moment of giving birth and managing the stress and of caring for another human being. Like any method, it requires regular practice, one which you’ll be guided here for every trimester.

Prenatal Yoga Online Self Care

Mental and Emotional Health Coaching

Get the right support and professional guidance from the beginning. This time and space if judgement free, facilitated by a trained coach where you can ask any questions, share your thoughts, or simply listen in enjoying a cup of tea with others going through similar experiences as you!

Prenatal Yoga Online Support


Through private Zoom meetings, Facebook and Whatsapp support groups members will have opportunities for connecting with others going through the similar experiences as us.

Prenatal Yoga Online Workshops

Specialist Workshops

Get the full 360 view and deep dive into different topics each month with different guest speaks. Learn about this journey from every angle: from yoga to lactation, to hypnobirthing, nutrition and spirituality.


Adapt your yoga practice during pregnancy

How To Adapt Your Yoga Practice During Pregnancy

Watch my 2 hour workshop and learn all about the changes that are taking place, why we need to make modifications and how to start or adapt your current yoga practice throughout each trimester of your pregnancy.

image of mother holding a baby

The 4th Trimester

If you feel you don’t know where to even start after the baby is born you are not alone. Watch this module to understand:

  • the changes taking place, physically and emotionally
  • what yoga modifications and practices you can do to ensure a steady recovery after giving birth
  • relaxation and breathing exercises to practice with your baby

A Guide To Pelvic Floor Exercises.

Learn about this incredible group of muscles, and how to care for them and support their strength and flexibility during pregnancy and after childbirth.


You won’t see this offer again! Pay only €97 (instead of the standard €149) and save €52 a month AND get the first month at 50% for being the first Calm & Confident Members!


Sign up for the year and get 2 months for free, saving 17%!


  • 5 modules covering everything you need to know about your yoga practice during your pregnancy.
  • Live online weekly prenatal and postnatal yoga classes
  • Access to the recordings to all online classes and workshops
  • Support in our private Facebook and Whatsapp group
  • Live mental health coaching by a qualified therapist (access to recordings)
  • Live specialist workshop with guest speakers and teacgers from the Yoga, Mental health and Perinatal healthcare industry (access to recordings)
  • 30 Day money back guarantee – no questions asked!
  • Your first month is only 45 Euro, save over 50%!


  • 5 modules covering everything you need to know about your yoga practice during your pregnancy.
  • Live online weekly prenatal and postnatal yoga classes
  • Access to the recordings to all online classes and workshops
  • Support in our private Facebook and Whatsapp group
  • Live mental health coaching by a qualified therapist (access to recordings)
  • Live specialist workshop with guest speakers and teacgers from the Yoga, Mental health and Perinatal healthcare industry (access to recordings)
  • 30 Day money back guarantee – no questions asked!
  • Get 12 months access, save 17%
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Private 1:1 1 Hour Yoga Session

*Please note that VAT at your local rate will be added where applicable. All prices are in EUR.

I walk down the street after Krishna’s pregnancy yoga class every week smiling and feeling grounded, content and empowered! My body feels light and comfortable. It’s a calming, friendly and supportive space thanks to her positive and non-judgemental vibes. I love that she has two young children of her own and shares her own experiences. She has a deep understanding of the pregnant body and I feel safe following her instructions. She really knows what she is doing! She has a way of making me feel less scared about the birth and more like my body is feminine and capable! We do yoga tailored for the pregnant body, including pelvic floor exercises, and variations on regular yoga, including inversions. My weekly class is ‘me’ time that is both physically and mentally beneficial and makes me feel great! Looking forward to bringing my baby to post-natal classes in a few months!

Méabh de Buitléir

Krish is a great teacher and really attentive giving individual feedback. It was daunting going back to classes with a new-born as a new mum, yet it was really calm and welcoming. It was lovely to meet other mums and to take time for myself which can be difficult with a new baby! I learned to enjoy the feedings as an opportunity to meditate. Thanks again Krish!

Rachael Burnett

I’ve been feeling an improved mood and well-being following the classes with Krish; and especially a closer connection to baby during meditation. Try it! It’s enjoyable. Krish is very kind and accommodating. It’s excellent exercise during pregnancy and the meditations offer many benefits.

Beth Bragg
Postnatal Yoga Online
What about after the baby is born?

The insecurities we didn’t even know existed suddenly surface when that baby is in our arms. With this membership, we don’t abandon you once you’ve had your baby and your pregnancy is over.

You can continue with the membership as long as you need and enjoy the postnatal yoga classes, the group support and the emotional and mental support.

Hi there, I’m Krish!

An Indian & Spanish mum-of-two, a PhD scientist and a Yoga teacher.

The first time I was pregnant I thought I was prepared by my weekly yoga classes. However nothing prepared me for a traumatic birth experience followed by what I now recognise 3 months of major postnatal blues.

During my second pregnancy, I made sure I learnt the right techniques and prepared myself. I knew this experience could truly be embraced and enjoyed.

The result? I had the most beautiful home birth, no interventions or painkillers.

It wasn’t easy, but I felt empowered, calm, strong and confident enough to embrace the experience fully and actually enjoy the pregnancy, the birth process and what came next.

My journey made me realise that prenatal and postnatal yoga, had to cover more than just the physical aspects. It had to offer all round support, preparing you for the full journey ahead!

Calm & Confident Yoga Membership

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied or the program doesn’t seem like a good fit, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.

Any questions?
Send me an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?2022-11-19T14:53:12+01:00

You bet! I’m so confident in this program that I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy for whatever reasons, get in touch within 30 days after purchasing and I’ll refund you the money you paid.

What about when my pregnancy is over?2022-11-19T14:52:13+01:00

Perinatal health includes pre and postnatal health. Therefore, you are welcome to maintain your membership, join the weekly live postnatal yoga classes and the group coaching to navigate through your feelings and emotions after your baby is born. As the membership progresses we’ll add more content to support postnatal health, which you’ll be able to access during your membership.

I’m busy! How much time will I need for this membership?2022-11-19T14:51:49+01:00

As much or as little as you wish! It’s advisable to practice prenatal yoga at least 2x a week, which equates to about 3 hours. Because the classes and workshops will be recorded, you can watch them at your own time and pace. 

What topics will the workshops be on?2022-11-19T14:51:26+01:00

The monthly workshops will be focused on anything around Perinatal Health. They are designed to supplement the yoga practice and give you all round knowledge and practice you need to ensure an optimum pregnancy and birth. 

Examples of upcoming workshops include: Health & nutrition, breastfeeding, hypnobirthing, the power of relaxation, managing anxiety, and more…

How does the mental health coaching aspect work?2022-11-19T15:38:23+01:00

Every month we will have 1-2 group coaching sessions with a trained Perinatal Emotional and Mental Health Coach. The coach is there to facilitate the conversation and answer any questions you may have. These sessions are there as a safe and judgment free space for us to share any insecurities, doubts, fears or wishes we may have. The coach will not only listen, but also guide us and give us practical tips on how to manage these emotions.

Do I need to have any previous Yoga experience?2022-11-19T14:50:30+01:00

Not at all! The membership is adapted for those with and without prior yoga experience. There are both pre-recorded classes and workshops such as ‘’How to Adapt your Yoga practice during pregnancy’’ available for you to watch and practice at your own pace. 

Because our body during pregnancy changes week by week, and I also have a weekly LIVE yoga class for all members, where I can see you move, and give you live tips and advice on how to develop your own practice. 

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