Sleep: the missing piece to your health puzzle, with Simone van der Heide

I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well.

These are the two most common answers I hear from my students when I ask them how they are. They’ve been my top answers too, especially in the recent years.

Why are we always tired? And, most importantly what can we do about it?

To answer my many questions on sleep we have this week’s guest, Simone van der Heide.

Simone is a health coach, specialised in sleep. She is based in Spain where she teaches meditation and helps people improve their health by sleeping better. Simone believes that sleep affects all aspects of life and all aspects of life have their influence on sleep.

In honour of International Woman’s Day this week, we focus on sleep for women! Simon tells us about her recent Instagram post on why women and men have such different sleeping patterns!

Some of the things we talk about:

  • The basics: Why is sleep important? What are circadian rhythms and sleep cycles?
  • Why  healthy sleeping habits start in the morning!
  • How new mothers can adjust to a their baby’s sleep cycles
  • Why it’s usually the mother who wakes up to a crying baby whilst the father carries on sleeping?
  • What short and long term effects does interrupted sleep have on us?
  • Tips and suggestions on adapting our natural rhythms to our current lifestyle, and for anyone looking to improve their quality or quantity of sleep, for whichever reason may be!
  • The key is self-love and being kind to ourselves.

Whether it’s a baby, a puppy or your thoughts keeping you up at night, this episode is for you!

Find out more about Simone and her amazing courses on her website or follow her on Instagram.

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Thank you for listening!
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