Self-Esteem in a Selfie World, with Shobha Nihalani

Have you ever thought about self-esteem as a muscle? One that needs to be checked, looked after and trained regularly.

What about what we can do to support our future generation build a healthy self-esteem, especially with the increasing social demands?

This is a topic I dove deep into with Shobha Nihalani.

Shobha Nihalani is a multi-genre author, ghost-writer, book coach and a life coach. She has been writing for over 25 years. Her recent book on self-esteem – Reboot, Reflect, Revive: Self-Esteem in a Selfie World – is recognised for raising awareness on self-esteem.

Shobha believes that the way we communicate with ourselves, and others, has the power to impact our lives. Her expertise as a writing and life coach, has given her the opportunity to guide people to write their story, and to turn their dream of writing their book, into reality.

In this episode, we don’t actually talk about her latest book, or book-writing, instead we talk about her journey into becoming a writer, and the important things she’s discovered along the way. Self-esteem is one of those!

Now, proclaiming yourself as a writer and announcing this to the world might not seem radical to many, yet Shobha felt like she was breaking the norm in a her society and going against what she believed was expected of her.

I love her story and her journey towards owning her writing career, and learning to identify herself as a writer (even though she had already published many books!). I relate to her story in my own journey towards owning my yoga teaching career too!

In this episode, we talk about social conditioning and expectations. Our main topic is around self-esteem. Where it comes from, what it means and what implications does it have. We move on to talk about self-esteem in the family. For example, how does our own self-esteem affect us as parents, and how does it affect our children and how can we in turn help our children develop a healthy self-esteem?

Apart from self-esteem, we also talk about:

  • Why she considered herself a ‘’closeted writer’’, how she ‘’came out’’
  • How we are conditioned from childhood
  • Tips to help children with self-esteem, from toddler to teenagers
  • The meaning of impostor syndrome, and how parents can feel like impostors.
  • How to build trust and communication with our children, from toddler age, through teenage year to adulthood.
  • The important of flexing your self-esteem muscle!

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Thank you for listening!
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