Rest as a cure for depression, with Jennison Grigsby

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Jennison Grigsby, is a mum and a Yoga teacher. Originally from California, Jennison now lives in Valencia, Spain with her husband, son and dog.

Upon meeting Jennison, whether it´s in person or online, you can immediately feel her joy and positivity. It´s clear how the work she does through yoga brings people together, creating deep meaningful connections and a sense of community. She’s friendly, out-going and super approachable.

A few months ago, she very bravely shared on social media, how she’s been suffering from bouts of depression over the years.

I was surprised and wondered; how is it possible that someone who is bursting with joy, can also suffer from depression? This shows how little I know!

In this episode of the Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast, Jennison very gladly offered to share her experiences. She opens up about her journey with anxiety and depression and takes us back to when it started in her 20s.

She explains how the feelings shifted during her international moves, pregnancy, after having her baby and even now, years later. She shares how it feels, how she has learnt to see another bout of depression coming her way and how she manages it when it does come.

We also talk about other things like what it’s like to raise a family on the other side of the world. We share thoughts about the loneliness that a new mother can experience. And of course, we talk about yoga! Not just yoga, but how yoga can build community and the power that this has.

Some of the things we discuss are:

  • Moving across the world and settling into a new country
  • Cultural differences in raising your child and creating an international family
  • Overcoming the loneliness of moving to a new country
  • The feeling of solitude as a new mother and how the challenges of early motherhood evolve over time
  • Postnatal anxiety and depression: how to identify it and taking action
  • Establishing a business around family instead of family around business
  • How Jennison can foresee a wave of depression coming her way and prepares for it physically and mentally. The clue is in the title!
  • Her personal practices and self-care
  • The importance of rest
  • The importance of reconnecting with yourself and your purpose

Jennison’s main work is based in Valencia, Spain, and is focused on building community and connection through unique yoga events and experiences for all levels of practitioners. In addition to local events, Jennison also loves hosting international retreats as a way to connect deeper within ourselves and with one another.

Find out more about Jennison’s Inscape Yoga Journey to Greece here Inscape Journey Greece 2023- June 13 – Yoga With Jennison or contact her via IG on @yogawithjennison

***Find Your Inner Glow with Prenatal Yoga and Coaching in this 5 day FREE immersion, starting November 21st***

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