Rediscovering our Inner Cycles, with Elisa Imperatori

What do power, shame and control have to do with the menstrual cycle?

Are we supposed to have period pain?

How does one navigate themselves out of postnatal depression by rebalancing their hormones?

This week’s episode is with Elisa Imperatori, a menstrual cycle and perimenopause educator and certified Iyengar yoga teacher.

Elisa combines yoga, body literacy and the subtle energies of the menstrual cycle. She helps people turn their menstrual cycle into an ally so that they can go from menstrual pain and shame to radiant strength and presence.

Some of the things we talk about are:

  • Elisa’s journey into doing this work and how she helps people
  • What it means to be cyclical being
  • The shame associated with our cycles.
  • Elisa’s postnatal struggles. How the lack of medical support drove her to do her own research to help regulate her cycle and manage her postnatal depression.
  • A crash course on the hormonal changes during pregnancy, labour and postpartum, what people can expect and practical things they can do to support it.
  • Her relationship and view between hormonal imbalance and postnatal depression.
  • How our cyclical hormonal changes affect the way we act, think and feel.
  • Practical tips on how people support themselves and thrive through their menstrual cycle.
  • Daily habits to help remove or reduce period pain and mood swings during your cycle.
  • The implications of being a cyclical individual in a ‘’non-cyclical’’ society and how to manage it.
  • The famous ‘’belly breath’’. How it works and why it’s so powerful.

Check out Elisa’s free guided meditation to show your belly some love.

Connect with Elisa:

IG: @elisaimperatori

FB: elisaimperatoriyoga

LinkedIn: elisaimperatori

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