Private Yoga in Valencia and Online

1:1 Yoga guidance that will keep you strong and grounded during pregnancy, birth & beyond.

How private yoga can help you:

  • Are you pregnant and want to start a yoga practice?
  • Do you already have a yoga practice and want to adapt it during pregnancy, to improve your wellbeing and breath awareness to help prepare for birth?
  • Do you want to learn how to recover from the delivery and practice yoga after giving birth?
  • Is your pregnancy or delivery causing you discomfort or pain?
  • Do you want to practice yoga to bond with baby and don’t know how to start?

Regardless of whatever stage of pregnancy or postpartum you are in, we can work together.

I combine all my yoga training and personal experience to guide you through your journey. As we progress, we will work on the relevant asanas, movements and breathwork for each stage that you are in.

I will teach you methods and techniques to help you feel rested, refreshed and empowered during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Yoga Embarazadas y Posparto en Valencia
private yoga valencia and online

How it works:

We start with a free discovery call to talk about your pregnancy or delivery, what your concerns are (if you have any!) and how you are feeling physically and emotionally. We get to know each other, and you can ask any questions to make sure that we’re the right fit.

We’ll meet on Zoom weekly, where I’ll guide you through tailor made yoga & meditation sessions, suited to your particular needs at the time.

Get in touch! Take the first step and book a free discovery call. Let’s talk about your concerns, needs and expectations. I’m so excited to meet you and help you and baby thrive during this magical journey!

You don’t have to do it alone

They say it takes a village to raise a child. They forget to mention the poor parent who also requires support!

I’m here to show you how yoga & meditation can provide comfort, relaxation and strength throughout all stages of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. I’m going to show you how to use your body and mind, to restore and support you and to enjoy this spiritual journey of childbirth.

You’ll learn what postures and breathwork work best at each stage, and how to practice them, alone or with a partner. Most importantly, I will teach you how to discover and follow your inherent intuition, to use it as your main guide in this journey of pregnancy and parenthood.

What others are saying

Krish is never to busy to take the time to explain how the postures work. She is always encouraging even when you feel you are struggling. She treats each student as an individual and not as one of many in a class. Patience, understanding and a love of her Yoga always shines through. Caring, enthusiastic, welcoming, listens to and is very much aware of her student’s abilities.

May, Yoga Teacher, UK