Get on the waitlist for my upcoming live & online members-only program. I´m going to teach you how to feel calm, strong & confident, so you can fully embrace your prenatal and postnatal journey.

Starts in November 2022

In this online membership you’ll learn how to develop strength and confidence during your pregnancy, the delivery and after the birth of your baby. You’ll be part of an online community which you can share thoughts and feelings with, as well as consult experts in the perinatal health care field. You’ll learn what’s changes are taking place in your body from one trimester to the next, to understand and manage the physical and emotional changes you’re going through to ultimately take care of yourself and your baby in the best possible way.

The membership features a combination of yoga classes, breathwork, relaxations, specialized workshops, access to a growing list of pre-recorded yoga classes, prenatal and postnatal healthcare experts, weekly catch-ups and support from this online community.

Develop your physical, mental and emotional strength to feel calm and confident throughout your pregnancy, the birth of your baby and the months that follow.

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