Prenatal Yoga for Desk-bound Mums

Breath, Stretch & Glow

Download this 60 minute online Prenatal Yoga Workshop to reset and reboot your entire nervous system, whilst at work for only 27 Euro!

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A Prenatal Yoga Workshop to help you replace stiffness and stress with space and comfort

Learn to enjoy your pregnancy without sacrificing your career

In this 60 minute Prenatal Yoga Workshop you’re going to learn the importance of yoga, how you can literally practice it anywhere and how it can support us during our office and working life.

This Workshop is for anyone who is pregnant, or interested in pregnancy, and is ready to unlock their body’s full potential without sacrificing time at their desk and career.

As a trained prenatal and postnatal Yoga Teacher, I guide you through some simple and effective Yogic practices to help manage all those pesty symptoms you may suffer during your pregnancy when you’re bound to a desk!

I show you how to release tension in the shoulders and neck, relieve lower back aches, quick and easy relaxation techniques you can do with no-one else noticing.

Regardless of the type of birth you plan to have, or which stage of pregnancy you’re in, this Yoga Workshop will support your through your pregnancy and your career!

This will give you a foundation to arrive to your baby’s birth physically and mentally calm and strong.

Hey Pregnant Mama, how are you feeling?

Everybody is telling you relax, work less and move more! You keep hearing about the consequences of sitting at a desk all day. But it’s not as easy as they say.

You have other responsibilities to manage whilst you’re growing a human inside of you. Struggling to balance it all? You’re not alone!

How about…?

  • Overcoming that sense of guilt and start feeling good about yourself
  • Learning how to manage professional stress during your pregnancy
  • Feeling strong and confident in your body whilst you’re working
  • Experiencing a pregnancy and career full of joy and a sense of security.

Yoga is not just about stretching your hamstrings.

This Prenatal Yoga Workshop will help you shift your mindset to help you enjoy both your pregnancy and your work at the same time.

It will also give you clarity on how some simple and effective practices can help you relieve physical aches and pain, reduce your stress levels, improve pregnancy symptoms when you only have a desk and chair!

Find out how to practice yoga, meditation and relaxation in between meetings and when you can’t get to a Yoga mat!

Ready? Download the workshop and get started!

Photo of a pregnant woman stretching her shoulder


1. a meditation

Find the balance between your pregnancy and work mindset

I’ll explain some simple and effective bite-size meditation techniques which you can practice during your day at work and in between meetings!

I’ll guide you through a short meditation and breathing practice, and help you re-fuel your nervous system and body.

2. the practice

Relieve and prevent those pesky aches and pains

No Yoga mat? No worries! Let’s use you desk, your chair and your floor to manage all those uncomfortable symptoms that come up during pregnancy and when sitting a lot!

I’ll guide you through a gentle warm and a yoga practice which you can break up in to 5-10 minute yoga practices and use them during your work day.

3. the relaxation

Reset and reboot your nervous system

Discover how effective and powerful short and simple relaxations can be during pregnancy. Let yourself be guided through a relaxation to keep you feeling calm and focused all day.

You’ll leave feeling renewed, rested and re-energised.

Take 60 minutes to learn and experience how Prenatal Yoga can help you have a focused, calm and ache-free pregnancy and career.

Want some of this?

“Thanks to Krishna I can find peace in my body during my pregnancy!”

I like Krish’s closeness how she inspires confidence. Her sessions have helped me notice areas of my body that I didn’t notice before, and to become aware weekly of the changes that are taking place in my body.

Thanks to the way Krishna teaches, I can be relaxed and I can always be calm. I can find peace with my body and in whatever pose I am in during my pregnancy.

Sandra Casares, Valencia.

“I’m left smiling and feeling grounded, content and empowered!”

I walk down the street after Krishna’s pregnancy yoga class every week smiling and feeling grounded, content and empowered!

My body feels light and comfortable. She has a deep understanding of the pregnant body and I feel safe following her instructions. She really knows what she is doing!

She has a way of making me feel less scared about the birth and more like my body is feminine and capable! My sessions with her are both physically and mentally beneficial and make me feel great!

Méabh de Buitléir, Valencia

“I think the breathing and the awareness that we cultivate in the class will help me when I go through the actual birth!”

Krish was able to show me the types of modifications that I needed and also simple things that I could do at home.

Her classes have helped me maintain my strength and my form. It gets me moving, and I feel really good after the class. Krish’s classes give me an opportunity to take a time to slow down and focus on connecting with the baby.

The breathing and the awareness that we cultivate in the class has helped me with the pregnancy and I think it’ll help me when I go through the actual birth!

Danielle H, Valencia.

Hi there, I’m Krish! Your Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher

During my two pregnancies, I was working full time in an office. I had a one hour drive to work and plenty of business travel. Needless to say, my growing body really felt it! My old sciatica pain was re-surfacing.

I needed to make changes without sacrificing my career. I made adjustments and found ways to fit into yoga practices and meditations at work. But something else going on.

I had a weird combination of brain fog, rising energy levels during my second trimester and a feeling of guilt and anxiety. How was I going to manage my career and a baby? This was causing even more stress, leading to an inability to focus at work and hence not allowing me to enjoy my pregnancy.

I realised it came down to mindset and mental health. This was not something a yoga stretch could fix. I had to go beyond the physical practice.

By combining mindful yoga practices, meditations, relaxations, hypnobirthing and communicating my feelings and needs, I managed to thrive throughout both pregnancies and in my career!

It left me feeling invincible. I had a new sense of empowerment. If I could do this, I could do anything!

Want some of that?

Photo of a pregnant woman doing a squat and smiling at the camera


you are feeling anxious about balancing your pregnancy and career, and want to calm your nervous system and feel physically strong and confident.

…you want to stay active, start or continue a yoga practice, but don’t have the energy or time for stronger and longer physical practices

you want to establish a deeper connection with you baby anywhere and anytime, without sacrificing your time and career


Send me a DM over on Instagram and ask me any questions you may have. I want you to feel comfortable and excited about joining this prenatal immersion! DM me here: @Krish_yoga on Instagram.