Prenatal Yoga before Prenatal Yoga, with Tove Palmgren

***Trigger warning*** This episode contains information about a miscarriage.

Welcome to this episode with the wonderful Tove Palmgren, a Yoga teacher of over 34 years and a mum of 4.

Tove is one of those women who gave birth to all her children without pain-relief. This episode is not about judging women who use pain relief or who don’t, the point is, she did it back when there was no such thing as prenatal yoga, birth preparation courses, hypnobirthing, etc. There were no specific tools given to her, and she’s here to tell us how she used her intuition and figured it out.

Tove tells us about her parallel journeys of yoga, work and motherhood (whilst being a single mum for many years), and how these various paths have evolved throughout the years.

She tells us how about a miscarriage she had, and how she reconciled it emotionally.

We talk about how to deal with this constantly changing body, from menstruation to pregnancy, postpartum and menopause, and how to sustain a yoga (or self-care!) practice with whilst we’re raising children and as we grow older.

Thank you Tove for being to open and vulnerable to sharing this wisdom with us!


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Thank you for listening!
Pregnant Woman in a Yoga Pose