No Yoga Mat? No Problem! A Prenatal Yoga Practice for Travellers

I recently travelled from Spain to Switzerland for a much-needed break from my classes and daily home/children duties. It was absolutely delightful! Cycling and swimming in the lakes, spending quality time with my besties, and indulging in the world-famous Swiss cheeses and chocolates — pure bliss!

However, there was ONE tiny downside. The summer heat combined with those long hours of sitting on the journey really took a toll on my legs. Pregnancy already puts pressure on our circulatory system. Add on standing in lines, sitting on trains and planes, well, it left my legs feeing heavy and weak.

Once I arrived to my hotel I took a much-needed nap with ALL the hotel pillows (a must 🤣) and woke up inspired to create a 10 minute flow that required no Yoga mat at all.

Guess what? I’m excited to share this flow with you! Whether you’re travelling, at work, or simply don’t have access to a Yoga mat, you can still enjoy a fulfilling Yoga practice. This particular sequence is perfectly suited for those in their 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

The best part? You don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is something to lean on—a chair, a windowsill, a desk, or even your own bed will do the trick.

So, get ready to experience the joy of yoga wherever you are. No yoga mat? No problem! Let’s dive into this invigorating practice and find your inner peace.

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