Naturopathy and a herbal home water lotus birth with Rachel Boon

You´ve probably heard of Naturopathy and Herbalism, but have you wondered what´s the difference? Or how they can support women’s health?

Perhaps you’ve Googled things like:

  • Which Herbal teas should I avoid during pregnancy?
  • What natural remedies are there for period pain?
  • How to get labour started, the natural way!?

And even though Google (or chatgpt!) may have the answers for you, nothing beats asking an experienced health practitioner.

To discuss all things naturopathy and herbalism during pre-conception, pregnancy and postnatally is the lovely Rachel Boon on today’s episode.

Rachel is a Naturopath, Herbalist and Women’s Health specialist with over 18 years in private practice, both face to face and virtually. She is passionate about helping women at all stages of their lives, especially during times of transition such as pregnancy, antenatally and during the perimenopause.

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • How and who Rachels helps with her work
  • What does ”Women’s Health” actually mean
  • What is naturopathy and why is it controversial
  • How does it work together with herbal medicine?
  • Challenges faced by her patients during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum
  • Can herbs help get the labour going?
  • How to deal with the pressures from the medical industry
  • Special Bonus: Rachel’s child’s birth story, a herbal home water lotus birth!

What has your experience been working with Natural medicine? What kind of results did you have? Let us know by writing to us or leaving us a comment on IG!

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Thank you for listening!
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