From Quantum Chemistry To Pregnancy Yoga

‘’So, what do you do?’’ This question stumped me every time! It used to take me a moment to think of my reply, one which I’d adjust depending on who I was talking to. The reply would vary between I’m a scientist, to nuclear waste manager, to part-time yoga teacher. Things are much clearer for me now, and here I explain why.

In this episode I get personal, introduce myself and share my story as to how this Podcast & Blog has been born.

I hope this episode inspires you make the necessary changes to need in your life!

I’ll talk about:

  • Why I started practicing Yoga
  • How and why I ended up getting a PhD in Quantum Chemistry
  • My interest in nuclear waste and how it aligns with my view on Yoga
  • How certain Yoga practices can sometimes NOT be the solution to a problem
  • How I combined teaching yoga and working in the nuclear industry
  • What aspects of my life started to shift when I got pregnant
  • How I handled returning to work after my maternity leave
  • The pressure imposed into being the perfect mother
  • Why we relocated the whole family from The Netherlands to Spain
  • Where I am right now, and why this podcast was born

Thank you for listening!
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