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Join this 90 minute online Masterclass and learn how to use Yoga to guide your pregnancy and have the gentle and empowered birth you deserve.

February 24th 2023 1300 CET (1200 GMT)

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A free masterclass to help you during pregnancy and birth

This free 90 minute online Masterclass is for anyone who is pregnant, or interested in pregnancy, and is ready to unlock their bodies full potential with the power of relaxation and Yoga.

As a trained prenatal and postnatal Yoga Teacher, I’ll guide you through some theory behind relaxation techniques and our nervous system, lead your through a juicy restorative yoga practice and a visualisation. This Masterclass will show you how to relaxation is the key to your empowered dream birth.

This is your time to flex that relaxation muscle in you, hand over the power to your body and understand how powerful it is during pregnancy, birth and once your baby is in your arms.


you are feeling anxious about the birth and want to calm your nervous system down, and birth from a place of peace and trust instead of fear and stress.

… you want to stay active, start or continue a yoga practice, but don’t have the energy for stronger physical practices or you’re concerned about your health and your baby’s safety.

you want to establish a deeper connection with you baby because you know that both of you need to work as a team when it comes to giving birth.

How are you feeling?

You are pregnant, and you’ve heard it’s important to relax (it’s obvious and everyone is saying it!), but maybe you are struggling with putting it into practice, and fully understand why relaxation is such a powerful tool during this moment of your life?

How about…?

  • Overcoming those blocks and self-doubts and learning to trust yourself, your body and your baby to experience a pregnancy and birth full of joy and a sense of security.
  • Removing any resistance in seeing relaxing as a form of ”doing-nothing” towards seeing it as the key to unlock your power when giving birth.
  • Having clarity about how relaxation impacts our nervous system and hormones to use this key tool during pregnancy and labour.

If you can relate to any of this, register for this event!

Pregnant woman relaxing with her legs up the wall


The theory

The Power of Relaxation

We’ll kick off explaining why relaxation is key when giving birth, the effect it has on our nervous system and body, and why and when should and shouldn’t be practicing it.

the practice

Restorative Yoga

Let’s reset your nervous system. I’ll guide you through a gentle warm up and a juicy, relaxation practice, showing you different restorative poses and all the variations you can use throughout your whole pregnancy and during labour.

the visualisation

Guided visualisation for a gentle and powerful birth

Let yourself be guided through a live visualisation, to help you prepare for the calm, powerful and gentle birth you deserve.

Interested in the Prenatal Yoga practice to help you have a joyful, calm and empowered pregnancy and birth?

Yoga en Valencia

“Thanks to Krishna I can find peace in my body during my pregnancy!”

I like Krish’s closeness how she inspires confidence. Her sessions have helped me notice areas of my body that I didn’t notice before, and to become aware weekly of the changes that are taking place in my body.

Thanks to the way Krishna teaches, I can be relaxed and I can always be calm. I can find peace with my body and in whatever pose I am in during my pregnancy.

Sandra Casares, Valencia.

“I’m left smiling and feeling grounded, content and empowered!”

I walk down the street after Krishna’s pregnancy yoga class every week smiling and feeling grounded, content and empowered!

My body feels light and comfortable. She has a deep understanding of the pregnant body and I feel safe following her instructions. She really knows what she is doing!

She has a way of making me feel less scared about the birth and more like my body is feminine and capable! My sessions with her are both physically and mentally beneficial and make me feel great!

Méabh de Buitléir, Valencia

Krish Yoga Testimonial
Work with Krish Yoga

I’m Krishna, an Indian & Spanish mum-of-two, a PhD scientist and a Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher, currently based in Valencia, Spain.

During my first pregnancy, I read the books, learnt the theory and took a 1 day birth preparation course in week 34. I felt like I’d had a smooth pregnancy and therefore the birth would be equally smooth. Full of overconfidence, my partner and I had all the information in our heads, so surely that was enough, right?

By week 42, there was no sign of baby coming, so as per standard medical process, I was induced in hospital. I tried all I could to put the theory I’d learnt into practice. All the hypnobirthing, the yogic postures, the breath…none of it worked. My baby was born 4 days later thanks to an episiotomy and ventose, and I remained physically exhausted, mentally drained, with fever and an infection.

So, when I got pregnant a second time, I completely changed my approach. The second birth was a transformative, beautiful experience.

Some of the things I did differently the second time around were:

  • I prioritised practice over theory. Having understood the theory and reading the books, I now focused on the practice. I allowed my body to start learning how to take over, and give my brain the second place, all in preparation for the birth.
  • We started practicing earlier. Instead of leaving the birth preparation to week 34, we started at week 20.

The result was a powerful homebirth, where my body took over, knowing what to do instinctively at each point in the labour. The months of practice resulted in my body being able to produce the most powerful painkillers that resulted in me dozing off in between contractions, relieving the pain.

The moment my baby was born, I felt like I travelled across the universe and saw the stars.

It left me feeling invincible. I had a new sense of empowerment, that meant that if I could do this, I could do anything else.

Want some of that?

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