Everyone is a healer, with Sonal Karamchandani

Are you curious about healing? As a scientist and a yogi, I definitely am! Since becoming a mother, the importance of healing has gone past my own needs but also to family´s and my children’s too.

This week’s guest, is indeed a professional healer, Sonal Karamchandani (even though she will correct me to say that everyone is a healer!).

Sonal Karamchandani is an alternative spiritual healer and a life coach who helps people heal the mind, body and soul.

Sonal has personally gone through her fair share of traumas as a child and an adult, and after fumbling onto a ‘whole new world’ of healing methods she has healed herself, and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Like she says, when something as magical as that transpires, one can’t keep it contained only to themselves but has share it with those who would like to experience the same transformation as well.

Working with Sonal is to search of the question of who am I, break the shackles and limitations of all belief systems and embark on a soul purpose journey. Sonal believes that each one of us is born for a higher purpose and healing our soul is the foundation!

Sonal is also a mother of two. In this conversation she shares a lot about her personal and clients experiences related to healing. We learn her traumas and healing from all the way back when she was in her mother´s womb, to her own pregnancies, and to date with matters related to her now adult children.

We cover everything from what healing actually is, how one does it to deeper topics and healing techniques such as rebirthing, womb memories, EFT and matrix imprinting, The Journey and NLP.

Sonal explains why many of our traumas are related to our childhood, and gives us examples of how pre-conditioning at that young age instils limiting beliefs and stops us from living our authentic life.

We talk about the pressure us mothers and parents have, and how to avoid imparting these future traumas on our children, i.e. another form of mom guilt!

This is a really varied and interesting conversation. I invite to listen with an open mind, and if you want to connect with Sonal or myself, get in touch!

Connect with Sonal through IG @journey_with_sonal or her website Sonal Karamchandani – Healing Our Soul

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Thank you for listening!
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