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Natural Energetics:​ The Healing Power of Yoga. 


October 21-23, 2022, Online & in Valencia

Are you ready to experience a life of healing and self-empowerment?

Guided by senior teacher Mariken Fliervoet, you will experience a weekend full of authentic Yoga, illuminating inner work combined with lots of practical and useful life skills, that will leave you feeling transformed, inspired and alive.

Learn about:

  • The important energy cycles and movements in your body.
  • How to bring awareness into these systems.
  • What’s blocking them & how to get them flowing in a healthy way.

Join us in this journey to discover the healing aspects of a daily Yoga practice that will empower you to take charge of your own healing and transformation.

Weekend Schedule

Friday 21st October
18:00-21:00 Lecture on Natural Energetics followed by a class on Balancing the Nervus Vagus; the brain – gut connection.

Saturday 22nd October
10:00-14:00 Building your Core Awareness followed by a class on Flowing Effortlessly.
14:00-15:30 Lunch break
15:30-19:30 Breathe and Release – Fortify your lung-kidney axis, followed by Pranayama.

Sunday 23rd October
10:00-13:00 Open your Heart & Strengthen followed by a class on how to quieten your stress response.

*Tea breaks during the workshops


October 21-23, 2022


Centro Semillas, Calle Sueca 58, Valencia

Online via Zoom is also an option if you can’t make it to Valencia. We’ll send you a link once you’ve signed up!


Join for the full weekend or book individual workshops. To book individual workshops, click here, and select your preferred workshop sessions accordingly.


Friday:  50 euro
Saturday morning: 65 euro
Saturday afternoon: 65 euro
Sunday: 50 euro

Special Price for attending the full workshop is 210 euro

About the teacher

Mariken Fliervoet is mother of three children, senior yoga teacher, acupuncturist and owner of the Yoga Roots Amsterdam yoga studio. She helps children and adults to balance and stay healthy with yoga, meditation, acupuncture and life coaching.

Her oldest child (now 19) is highly sensitive and had many developmental problems since the age of four. He was diagnosed that he would never become independent. Using a combination of nutrition, exercise and alternative therapies Mariken helped balance his nervous system, and now he leads an independent life and can make his dreams come true.

This experience led her to want to gain a deeper understanding of energy and the human body. Mariken has developed various programs to bring adults and children closer to themselves. Her programs bring you more focus, happiness, love and health in your life. It helps you use your own unique voice and talents.

Mariken fliervoet Yoga Workshop Valencia
Mariken Vlierfoet Krish Yoga Workshop Valencia

The Workshops

Lecture: Natural Energetics
Everything is here and now, but in various states of visibility and invisibility depending upon the frequency that you are operating on. That includes your belief system and life definitions that you believe most strongly. Learn how to become more aware of your belief systems and turn them around to improve your own well being.

Workshop: Balancing the Vagus nerve
This wandering nerve connects almost all vital systems in the body to the brain. It activates a deep quiet breath, stimulates the hearts rhythm and the digestive system and many more bodily processes. Balancing this path in your body through a series of soft yoga postures, with a focus on twists, revitalizes and relaxes the body on a very deep level.

Workshop: Building your core awareness & flowing effortlessly
Develop a strong, yet soft, relationship with your deeper inner muscles that will not only redefine your posture but also create mental balance and strength, clear boundaries and a beautiful effortless flow in all yoga poses.

Workshop: Breathe and Release Fortify your lung- kidney-axe
The breath nourishes the body and is the gateway to your nervous system. Feel how you can release and increase the space in your chest through a series of gentle backbends and restorative poses to connect it to your kidney energy so the whole body can quieten and revitalize.

Workshop: Open your Heart & Strengthen
When you physically open your heart centre, it will bring you more joy and contentment in your life. Whatever you plant in your subconscious mind and nourish it with repetition and beautiful feelings, can one day become your reality. Flow deeper into the backbends by opening your shoulders and end up in a safe and delicious shoulder stand.

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