Entrepreneurship, Motherhood and How to Find the Balance, with Nina Eggens

 ‘’Congratulations on your baby! When are you going back to work?’’ That’s usually one of the first questions you get as soon as you have a baby.

Motherhood and work. Because being a mother (or father) isn’t work right?

Sarcasm aside, it’s a serious and important question. Although, often not delivered at the appropriate time or by the appropriate person!

We need to remember there are opinions on everything. On the one hand, you should be at home with your baby. Enjoy your motherhood and this special time.

On the other, you should also be a successful, financially independent woman and follow your dreams.

Today were talking about professional dreams. Dreams that can exist alongside motherhood.

And for that, we have Nina Eggens. A woman who has so many careers that I’ve lost count. A woman who decided it was time to become an entrepreneur and business woman when she was pregnant.

On Nina’s first day of maternity leave she registered as self-employed and opened a shop with an 8-month old baby on her hip.

Listen in to find out all about Nina’s story and her many, many different talents and creative roles.

We go personal and talk about:

  • Life experiences related to our careers before and after having children.
  • How her support network meant more to her than just circle of mum-friends.
  • What it feels like to have to be financially supported by your partner whilst you’re caring for a baby, and also starting a brand new business.
  • Guilt. From mum-guilt to financial-guilt.
  • Her personal values, those that were instilled in her since her childhood, and drove her to pursue her ambition of being an entrepreneur during her first pregnancy.
  • Nina shares how she coped handling the many different and demanding hats and how to avoid burn out as a mother and entrepreneur!

Finally Nina shared some advice from her area of expertise, business coaching, for any pregnant person or new mother who is contemplating setting up a business or starting a new professional venture whilst also getting ready to welcome a baby in her arms.

Nina is an inspiration. As a mother and entrepreneur. She’s an example of going for what you want, and that thing you want, doesn’t have to be just one thing!

She’s an example of not letting mom-guilt get the best of you or be the reason you stop making bold decisions in life. She shows that by doing those things, it makes you a grow as a human being, and in turn also makes you a better mother.

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Thank you for listening!
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