Why Pilates Empowers You with Tally Hershko

This week I spoke to Tally Hershko, a mom of 3, mechanical engineer, pilates teacher and business owner.

Tally is originally from Israel and is now based in Valencia, Spain, where she started her business Tally Pilates. She is passionate about movement and living a healthy lifestyle. She encourages people to move to feel stronger, healthier and happier. Tally’s goal is to motivate women to stay active by creating a community around Pilates. Tally runs Pilates classes in English for all levels and for pre & postnatal, mums with babies.

Tally opens up about why she decided to change her career at the age of 40 and how Pilates was her guiding light during her postnatal periods. Like many, she experienced profound changes in her body during pregnancy and child-birth. We talk about everything from the post-natal body image, to balancing careers, emotional and mental health, setting up an online business and finally how what appears to be a simple workout can lead to empowerment.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Making a dramatic career change at the age 40
  • How she balances two different professional careers and family life
  • Why we need to change the way we treat concepts such as ‘’workouts’’  and ‘’healthy lifestyle’’
  • Accessing emotional health through physical health
  • The importance of self-love and self-care for new, and not-so-new!, mothers
  • Tips on how to integrate your personal practice into your daily life
  • How to deal with accepting the body changing after multiple child-births and body image
  • The impact of child-birth on the pelvic floor and how she recovered from her births
  • The importance of post-natal care: when and how to practice Pilates after child-birth
  • Tally shares the learning process, steps and fears she’s taking to build her own online business and showing up online
  • How a practice like Pilates can empower women.

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