Conversations With My Grandma, Sushila Sakhrani

Thanks to scientific research, we now know that our life started in our grandmothers womb.

Our own personal history is very special when you think about it. Your life, as an egg started in your mothers developing ovaries. And this was before your mother was even born, when she was around 4 month old fetus in her mother’s belly, your grandmother. This means, the cells that made us, were developed by our grandmothers during their pregnancy with our mothers.

Whether we like it or not, we are more connected to our grandmothers than we think!

So I invite you to go back in time and meet my wonderful and grandma. A big part of motherhood is passing down the information to other members of the family, whether we want to use it or not is a different question!

I want to soak up information from older generations and find out what life was like, especially when it comes to topics such as education, love and marriage and pregnancy and family life.

Find out what it was like to be a young Indian girl born in the 1940s. And especially, hear it from someone who has no ulterior motive, no hidden agenda, not trying to sell you anything….just simply telling her story to her granddaughter and anyone else who has the patience to listen.

So many women’s stories go untold, their vast amount of invisible work is not seen. So this week, on the Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast, is my small effort to tell their stories and give these amazing women the tribute they deserve.

Here’s what we talk about:

  • We start by talking about some stories about the India-Pakistan partition in 1947, a historical event which altered the course of many lives.
  • Growing up in a large international family
  • Going through a traditional Indian arranged marriage
  • Experience of living in a joint family
  • The expectations of a young bride in a traditional family
  • The challenges of having darker skin colour in the indian society
  • Prejudices towards having daughters instead of sons in Indian culture
  • The advantage of wearing a sari instead of trousers near you due date!
  • Her personal reflections on going through a miscarriage, being pregnant multiples and becoming a mother.

Thank you for listening!
Pregnant Woman in a Yoga Pose