Communicate Confidently with your Children with Sarika Mahtani

We all know communication is important, but just how important?

Are we fully aware of the impact of our words, actions, emotions and feelings have on our children and unborn babies?

What should you be looking out for in your child’s communication and when is the right moment to seek help? What impact does it have when my child sees my in front of a screen all the time?

If some of these questions have been floating in your head too, then listen to my conversation with Sarika Mahtani.

Sarika is a licensed, bilingual Speech & Language Pathologist and a mom of 2, based in Dallas, Texas. She specializes in stuttering and early intervention and her mission is to empower parents with simple speech tips to help their children communicate more confidently.

In this episode, we dive deep into all aspects of communication. Sarika tells us about:

-The different type of communication

-How your unborn baby responds to verbal and non-verbal communication, and why this is important for their development.

-Practical tips on how to communicate with your baby during your pregnancy

-Key development stages during your child’s early years, what to look out for and when to seek help.

-Integrating the digital world into daily life with children. How to balance screen time for us and our children, especially when we’re working from home.

-Sarika opens up about struggles during her pregnancy and how she overcame them

-Balancing working from home, mom-guilt and running an business whilst raising children

-How to create self-care practices that work for you

Find out more and follow Sarika on IG @pequetalk

Thank you for listening!
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