‘’At some point, a decision needs to be made” A birth story by Siri Pisters

Birth stories are powerful.

I’m refraining from labelling them as positive or negative, as it comes down to how the birthing person feels. What for one person might sounds traumatic, for the other might be beautiful and empowering.

I will keep the word powerful, because every single birth story is indeed powerful. Regardless of the type of birth. It’s a birth!

The reason they are powerful is because we don’t see births in our daily lives, apart from TV and media which is mostly sensationalised. We tend see someone go off to hospital, come back home with a baby, leaving everything in between up to the imagination!

Birth stories like in today´s episode, have the ability to give another pregnant women the confidence and belief that she can do it too.

Today’s episode is indeed a birth story, by Siri Pisters.

Siri is here to share the story of the birth of her baby boy. In this story Siri takes us through her pregnancy, from a planned homebirth to a hospital induction.

This conversation is a beautiful example of how things don’t always go as we plan, how and when decisions have to be made (and unmade!), and the importance of finding that balance between keeping and letting go of control.

Thank you Siri for sharing your story, and being open and honest about the nice and not so nice moments you went through.

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Thank you for listening!
Pregnant Woman in a Yoga Pose