Adoption and the Mother Wound, with Adisti van Os

*Trigger warning: this episode talks about adoption and trauma*

Step into the warmth of a truly special episode this week. Join us as we delve deep into the remarkable journey of Adisti van Os. Born in Indonesia and adopted into a Dutch family at just three months old,

Adisti generously shares her deeply personal narrative of adoption, exploring the profound dynamics of the mother wound and her unwavering dedication to nurturing mothers through her career.

In this heartfelt conversation, we explore:

  • Adisti’s extraordinary journey from Indonesia to the Netherlands through adoption.
  • The profound experience of learning to navigate motherhood without a maternal guide.
  • The spiritual dimensions of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.
  • The remarkable tale of reconnecting with her biological mother as a young adult.
  • Her personal journey of healing and reconciliation with her past, whilst becoming a mother herself.
  • How Adisti’s own story has shaped her compassionate mission of supporting women throughout the transformative journey of pregnancy and beyond.

Join us for a conversation that is not just enlightening but deeply heartening, as we celebrate the resilience, strength, and boundless love that defines the journey of motherhood.

Adisti van Os run her own business in holistic motherhood and is also one of the founders of Postpartum massage Netherlands. She gives coaching, postpartum treatments/massage, yoga, birthing workshops, and birth circles. She is very passionate about the Fourth Trimester and one of her biggest wishes is that every new mother can have a soft landing into her motherhood.

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