Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Welcome to mine…

I’m Krishna, an Indian & Spanish mum-of-four, a PhD scientist and a Yoga teacher.

I help mothers feel better in their bodies and minds through yoga.

I combine Alignment Based Yoga, The Birthlight Method and Yoga Therapy to teach prenatal and postnatal Yoga.

My approach is honest, practical and non-judgemental. This, coupled with over 500 hour of Yoga training, means I ensure your practice is a personalised experience, whether you’re in a 1:1, a group class or across the camera.

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Yoga is a part of my story. A companion holding my hand at each stage of my life. After working with me, it’ll be a part of your life too.

In 2001, I was suffering from exam anxiety during my teens, so my mother dragged me to her local yoga class.

Those weekly sessions eased my body and calmed me down enough to focus and succeed during such a stressful period.

Since that young age, yoga has been part of all stages of my life. Aside from keeping my physically healthy, it helped me:

  • relieve the overwhelming pressure faced during university exams,
  • ease the neck, back and wrist pain from sitting in front of a computer for months to complete my PhD,
  • prepare for an important work presentation, by controlling my nervous system using the breath and alignment,
  • during pregnancy by strengthening and grounding my body and connecting with my baby
  • through my two deliveries by teaching me how to tap into and use my own instinct

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga can guide you through this unique chapter of your story

I am now a mother of two. I practiced prenatal yoga throughout both pregnancies and postnatal yoga after giving birth. Each pregnancy and birth experience was completely different, yet both times, my teachers, yoga practice and the tribe of mothers helped me embrace all the ups and downs of this journey.

At this point in my story, Yoga helps keep my mental load in check, find joy and beauty in the mundane, and most importantly manage my lower back and shoulder aches from carrying two cheeky toddlers around!

prenatal postnatal yoga

What others are saying

Krish’s class is personally delivered and full of learning for everyone. There’s always something new to enlighten you a little further each week. I never feel more chilled out than at the end of a class! I couldn’t recommend the class more for beginners to yoga and more experienced students alike, it totally opened my eyes to the benefits of yoga, and brought me so much awareness of my body and how to look after it.

Chris W., Yoga Student, UK.

Krish is amazing. She is dedicated and prepares her lessons very well. She pays attention to your posture and is connected with her students. Krish I love your lessons and I can say I’m addicted! Thank you for guiding me.

Yasemin Sahin, Yoga Student, The Netherlands

Are you ready to embrace your story through Yoga?

Thanks to my mixed Indian and Spanish heritage, I have blended eastern and western cultures to give you an authentic yet practical practice. In my classes, you will experience my love for science by inviting you to experiment and question your purpose. I help you thrive during your pregnancy and postnatal period by guiding you into inner alignment.

My wish is that you leave my class feeling life flowing through you and your baby.

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