A Personal Trainer For The Woman’s Soul, with Lisa Garber

I experienced an identity crisis after the birth of my first child. I hadn’t realised it, but until then, my identity had been intertwined with my career. I was one of those people who loved the question ‘’So, what do you do?’’ because I had I believed was a unique and captivating career in nuclear waste management.

However, everything changed after becoming a mother. I found myself at a loss when faced with the typical ‘’So, what do you do?’’. Yes I was still ‘’doing’’ my job, but I was also doing a lot more!

I had to re-evaluate what this meant for my purpose and identity.

Fast forward 5 years and much soul-searching and therapy, I now run an online yoga business and am a podcaster. To get started on this new journey, I joined a business coaching programme led by Susanne Rieker.

Initially, I expected to learn all about the online world, sales, marketing, and how to turn my hobby, and part-time side hustle, Yoga, into a profitable and scalable business.

To my surprise, this business programme also included monthly Mindset Coaching sessions with a remarkable life-coach, Lisa Garber.

I questioned the purpose of these sessions. Wasn’t the focus supposed to be on developing a business, and not therapy? Well, I couldn’t have more wrong.

Just like becoming a mother, starting a business challenges you in every aspects of your life. It presents an opportunity to face our inner demons: What will others think of me? What if nobody shows up? What if I fail? The guilt of spending my time and energy between the children and this online business.

And so many other inner mind-demons unexpectedly emerged as I entered the world of entrepreneurship and motherhood. These mind-set coaching sessions with Lisa quickly became the highlight of the month!

Lisa is a certified life and executive coach who has been passionately helping people find personal fulfillment for over 25 years. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. (CPCC).

Lisa believes everyone has greatness in them, it just takes an insightful and kind hand to help them realize it.

Lisa has coached individuals, teams and groups throughout the world. She is known for encouraging her clients to embrace a much greater life, one full of possibilities, fulfillment and joy.

In each of our monthly sessions, Lisa worked her magic, empowering us to realise this potential. And now, you get to listen in to this magic!

In this insightful conversation, we discuss:

  • Lisa’s fascinating journey from singer/songwriter to psychotherapy to life-coaching
  • Why Lisa chooses to focus on coaching women.
  • How Lisa blends psychology, life coaching and spirituality in her work
  • The significance and approach to ‘’finding yourself’’
  • Experiences from coaching mothers: the common challenges of freedom, shame and guilt self-sacrifice
  • The origins of our so called-identity
  • Techniques for discovering your purpose and elevating your consciousness

This episode is like a treasure chest full of rich content. We share lots of personal stories, experiences, fascinating anecdotes and practical advice on finding one’s Self and purpose.

Get ready to enjoy a genuine, meaningful and honest conversation, sprinkled with moments of laughter!

How to work with Lisa:

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Thank you for listening!
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