A Mother´s Journey into Healing with Mariken Fliervoet

Dive deep into a full weekend of Yoga and Healing with Mariken from the 21-23 of October in Valencia. 

In this episode I talk to Mariken Fliervoet from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is a mother of 3, a yoga studio owner, runs her own acupuncturist practice and is passionate about energy work.

Mariken is visiting Valencia in October to teach a workshop themed Natural Energetics, Yoga Workshop In Valencia and we use this opportunity to dive deep into what this terms really means and how she has evolved into an energy worker and healer.

She explains how she views all her work as Energy Work and how her upsetting personal situation with her first born child led her into this field. She clearly explains about energy cycles, how they function and why this work it’s so important in our daily lives.

Here’s what we talk about:

· How she dropped her own business and thriving PR career to take care of her son

· Her first born health conditions and how this led her to discovery alternative healing methods.

· Autism, the nervous system and sensory imbalances and how they can impact a child’s life.

· Why healing has to be treated holistically, as well as the need to balance eastern methods and western medicine.

· How she took charge of her son’s condition and gave him the tools to lead an independent life

· The workshop on Natural Energetics: what this means and how it can transform people’s lives

· What energy cycles are, how they affect us and how we can use them to thrive in life

· The differences in energy cycles and chakras between children and adults

· Her magical experiences on having 3 home births

· How to apply the yoga philosophy and teachings into everyday family life

· Tips for busy people and families when it comes to juggling their personal practice and daily life.

Dive deep into a full weekend of Yoga and Healing with Mariken from the 21-23 of October in Valencia. 

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