A Mother’s Instinct, with Laura Milano

Your life changes when you have children, but just how much? This week’s episode features Laura Milano, a half-spanish half-Italian mum of two, who went from a career in marketing to becoming a naturopathic coach.

Laura tells us about how her life has changed since becoming a mother. Her career and purpose in life has shifted thanks to the struggles she faced dealing with her postpartum self after her first born, and then battling with the health system to understand and improve her second child’s health condition.

Here is a beautiful example of how something that was labelled as ‘’bad luck’’ then ended up being a blessing in disguise. What I loved most about this conversation is the number of times she followed her instinct, and just fought and figured out a way to make her children’s life better, and consequently her own life better.

Laura now supports people’s health and wellbeing through nutrition and coaching helping them to identify the cause of their issues and taking control over their own health to make changes that will last for life.

Listen in to hear Laura explain what it’s like to be a naturopathic coach, why it’s different than just giving different diets to people. Laura also gives us some practical tips on what works when you’re feeling tired and low on energy (yes, we talk about coffee and cake in this episode!).

Laura is also going to be hosting the first workshop in my brand new Calm & Confident Yoga Membership, where she’ll be deep diving into Holistic Nutrition during Pregnancy. Join us on 15th December to learn about this!

In this episode we talk about:

  • How she went from marketing to becomes a Naturopathic coach
  • Why the solution isn’t just to add more broccoli to your plate and the holistic view is necessary.
  • The postpartum struggles she had with her first born.
  • Her personal struggle between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, and how she found the ‘’light’’
  • What happens when the doctor says your son just has ‘’bad luck’’! Laura opens up about how her son’s health issues drove her to find her own solutions to ultimately cure his condition.
  • The lessons she’s learnt in her own health and lifestyle through battling with her son’s health
  • Changes in her health and lifestyle that have made significant improvements in her life
  • Tips on managing your energy levels, dealing with chronic tiredness (includes a little chat about coffee!
  • What it’s like to enter the workforce after a 6 year ‘’gap’’ and launch a business.
  • Why the business concept is to go from surviving to thriving and how to help people do that.

If you want to know how to go from surviving to thriving, book a free 30 minute consultation with Laura:

Thank you for listening!
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