5 Yoga Practices While Feeding Your Baby

Have you ever had these thoughts?

‘’How am I supposed to practice Yoga with a baby who I’m constantly feeding’’


‘’ I went to postnatal yoga with my baby and spend more time feeding my baby that in actual poses’’

I’m here to challenge those thoughts and reshape your perspective on integrating yoga into your life with your baby.

This episode is not about how to practice yoga with a baby around, but how to turn our time with our babies into yoga practice. Especially, when it comes to feeding. Simply, because that’s where most of our time goes!

Spoiler alert: no, I’m not going to be how to latch your baby or give them a bottle whilst you’re in a Warrior 2 position!

I hope this serves you at home, or at your next Mum and Baby Yoga class!

Feed away Mama!

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Thank you for listening!
Pregnant Woman in a Yoga Pose