42 Weeks, 6 Days, 1 Baby – A Birth Story

Birth is powerful.

A baby is born, and a woman is re-born.

Ask a mother at any age the story of the birth of her children, and she’ll tell you all about it.

It’s imprinted in our memory, in our bodies.

The Birth Story, is even more powerful because it has a knock on effect on other women.

It gives pregnant women faith and hope. Birth stories helped me through both pregnancies. I read this book so many times, to find the courage to do what so many women before me had done.

Before reading birth stories, I thought that giving birth was what I’d seen in the movies. Waters breaking in the middle of a mall, ambulances rushing the mother to the hospital where by screaming and sweating she pushes her baby out.

I learned that that’s not the reality! Birth stories are the reality.

I have two very different stories to share. Read or listen on for my first hospital birth, or find out more about my second birth which was a homebirth.

Thank you for listening!
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