3 Restorative Yoga Poses To Survive The Afternoon Hump

Is this you? Rough night, running around all morning, stiff neck and back from replying to 3 day old messages, and you’ve gobbled down your lunch in 5 minutes.

Suddenly 2pm and you’re just feeling ‘’plofff’’. You don’t have time for a nap, so if you’re anything like me, you reach out for that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee and power through the afternoon. That’s fine once in a while, but I’m starting to see it’s not very sustainable in the long run. Plus,  if you’re a light sleeper like I am, it definately doesn’t help at night!

You only need 15 minutes

Here is a short and complete restorative practice which can be done in 15 minutes. Practice these 3 poses to give you a rest and energy boost at the same time. This will leave you feeling restored and refreshed, ready to continue your day.

You will need:

  • a bolster or cushion
  • a belt
  • 2 blocks

Watch the video to show you how to enter and come out of each poses, and then check out details for each pose below.

Supta Badhakonasa (5-10 min)

Move into the pose:

  • Sitting on the floor, drop your knees to the sides and bring the soles of your feet together
  • Slowly lean back on a bolster, rest the kidneys and lower back on the bolster
  • Support your knees with blocks under each side
  • Drop your arms onto the floor beside you and slide the shoulder blades down towards your kidneys

Make it more comfortable by:

  • Padding your buttocks or lower back with a blanket if that’s more comfortable
  • Placing a cushion or a folded blanket under your head
  • Covering your legs with a blanket

Janu Sirsana (3-5 mins each side)

Move into the pose:

  • Sit on a folder blanket with your legs straight
  • Bend the right knee
  • Place the right heel near your groin so the sole of the right foot is in contact with the left thigh
  • Place a bolster over the left thigh
  • Inhaling lift the sping, and on the exhalation fold forwards over the bolsters
  • Relax your arms on the floor

Make it more comfortable by:

  • Sitting up on a blanket
  • Using 2 or more bolsters or cushions
  • Placing a block under your forehead.

Uttanapadasana (5-10 mins)

Move into the pose:

  • Sit with one side of your hip against the wall
  • Tie a belt or scarf around your ankles
  • Lie back on the floor and bring your legs up the wall
  • Scoot your hips so your buttocks are as close to the wall as possible

Make it more comfortable by:

  • Using a bolster to add some weight on top of the feet
Pregnant Woman in a Yoga Pose