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Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Hi, I’m Krish!

I’m here to help you thrive during this special time in your life. By using prenatal and postnatal Yoga and hypnobirthing, and ensuring you receive a personalised approach, I’ll help you improve your flexibility, reduce stress, increase your energy and enhance your bond with your baby.

My wish is that you feel calm, confident and life flowing through you and your baby.

Let’s take this journey together, one breath at a time.

Hi there amazing Mama!

If you want to

…practice prenatal and postnatal yoga safely

…learn more about pregnancy, birth and postpartum life

…meet and connect with other new and expecting mother’s

check out some of my free resources!


This complete guide will give you the tools, practices and guided videos for a safe, effective and enjoyable Yoga practice during your pregnancy.

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Join me and my guests for open and honest conversations from everything from your belly bump, delivery and everything that comes after!

Four women meeting online informally and smiliing and chatting


Connect with other expecting and new mamas each month. The circle offers an informal, and judgement-free online space for you to come as you are.

Meet your teacher…

I’m Krish, an Indian Spanish mama of four, a scientist and a trained Yoga & Hypnobirthing teacher based in Valencia, Spain.

My life changed the first time I found out I was pregnant. I started questioning my career, identity and health.

I realised that pregnancy was just the beginning of this incredible journey where I’d be constantly looking out for my priorities and striving to find the balance between being myself and a mother!

Yoga has been key to all my pregnancies, deliveries and postnatal periods, which were each an adventure of their own!

Want to know more?

Find out more about my journey into Yoga, the birth of my first child and my second birth story which was at home.

How can I support you on your Prenatal and Postnatal Journey?

Do you already have a yoga practice and want to adapt it during pregnancy, to improve your wellbeing and breath awareness to help prepare for birth?

Do you want to learn how to recover from the delivery and practice yoga after giving birth?

Is your pregnancy or delivery causing you discomfort or pain?

Do you want to practice yoga to bond with baby and don’t know how to start?

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Prenatal & Postnatal Online Yoga Course

Enrol in this self-paced Yoga course to guide you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Learn the tools and get lots of hours of practice for a calm & confident pregnancy and postnatal period.

On-Demand Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Library

Keep your regular Yoga practice going with this on-demand library!

Sign up for a 30 day subscription for unlimited access to all the class recordings.

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Prenatal Yoga Workshops

Watch and practice these prenatal Yoga workshops to prepare you through different stages of your pregnancy.

Get started with simple and effective Yoga practices and make the most of your pregnancy.

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Krish was so welcoming and inclusive she put me at ease immediately!

I was nervous about joining a new class but Krish was so welcoming and inclusive she put me at ease immediately, after the first class I already felt like part of the group. I love the intimate feel to the class, we’re all sharing a really special life experience with each other. After each session I feel such a sense of calm and relaxation and so much less achy.

Maria Hannes, Prenatal Yoga Student

An excellent investment in your physical and mental wellbeing, things which should not be taken for granted at this point in your journey. Worth every penny!

I love the sense of community. I’ve practised yoga a lot over the years (with many different teachers and styles) and I love Krish’s natural, calm and inclusive teaching style.

It is clear that Krish brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her, not only about the foundations of yoga but also about how the body is affected during pregnancy. I have been surprised (and sometimes a little disheartened) by how limited my range of movement has felt during pregnancy but Krish beautifully and consistently reminds us of how we are all different and we can work with our body, breath and mind to find what feels good in each moment- in the way that a good friend would.

I feel confidence and calm in my pregnant body, sentiments which I am sure will continue in my mummy body.

Kerrie Simpson, Prenatal Yoga Student

krish Yoga testimonial

I feel good for 36 weeks pregnant and I definitely think the yoga has helped me stay active.

I loved the opportunity to stay active safely during my pregnancy and meeting other women who are in the same stage of life. Krish makes it feel like an intimate, personal and it feels like a safe space to share experiences. I have found it easier to connect with women here than other other groups I go to.

I’m not a natural yogi and have sometime felt embarrassed about my lack of flexibility in other classes. I feel very calm after the classes. It helps me to let go of things that are playing on my mind.

You won’t regret it and your body will thank you!

Winnie, Prenatal Yoga Student

I leave each session feeling stretched, strengthened and relaxed, all the things you want in pregnancy. Thank you Krish, this has been a wonderful part of my pregnancy!

It’s great knowing that Krish will look after us with her knowledge and experience of pregnancy yoga.

After one of the sessions that was particularly focused on restorative yoga, the great sense of stillness and calm I felt in my body and mind was amazing. This is particularly considerable as my mind and body feels often overly busy during pregnancy.

You are only doing good to your body and mind and baby, give it a go. It will help your mind be attentive and calm. It will help your body develop strength in preparation for birth and also it will fight all the achy symptoms that can come with pregnancy. Also, it’s a really great way to meet other pregnant women and develop a support network before baby.

Jessie, Prenatal Yoga Student

ãThanks to Susanne, I launched my first online course to over 50 students!

I had a very small audience to begin with, but SusanneÕs tips helped me grow that list to over 700 over a few months. I also appreciated her encouragement and guidance that kept me on track during the times I doubted myself. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially if you have no marketing experience.Ó

Veronika Kruta, Tango & Yoga Teacher

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