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Krish Yoga


Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Hi, I’m Krish!

I’m here to help you thrive during this special time in your life. By using hypnobirthing, prenatal and postnatal Yoga, and ensuring you receive a personalised approach, I’ll help you improve your flexibility, reduce stress, increase your energy and enhance your bond with your baby.

My wish is that you feel calm, confident and life flowing through you and your baby.

Let’s take this journey together, one breath at a time.

Hi there amazing Mama!

  • Do you already have a yoga practice and want to adapt it during pregnancy, to improve your wellbeing and breath awareness to help prepare for birth?
  • Do you want to learn how to recover from the delivery and practice yoga after giving birth?
  • Is your pregnancy or delivery causing you discomfort or pain?
  • Do you want to practice yoga to bond with baby and don’t know how to start?

I teach pregnancy and prenatal Yoga & KGHypnobirthing in Valencia and online.

Online Yoga Course

Enrol is this self-paced Yoga course to guide you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Learn the yoga and hypnobirthing tools for a calm & confident pregnancy and postnatal period.

Yoga Membership

Embrace your journey into motherhood with Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.

Treat yourself and your baby to a live yoga weekly class, feel safe as you’re being guided by a professional teacher!


Join online workshops, trainings or our free monthly Mother’s Circle.

Connect with other expecting and new mamas, where we talk, breath and yoga through this unique adventure together!

Meet your teacher…

I’m an Indian Spanish mama of two, a scientist and a Yoga teacher based in Valencia, Spain.

Yoga and hypnobirthing were key to both my deliveries, which were each an adventure of their own.

Want to know more? Find out more about my journey into Yoga, the birth of my first child and my second birth story which was at home.

Looking for inspiration?

If you want to

  • learn more about Yoga during pregnancy
  • meet and connect with other new and expecting mother’s
  • practice prenatal and postnatal yoga classes
  • combine yoga and mental health during your pregnancy

check out some of my free resources!

Join my free Monthly Mother’s Circle

Upcoming Circle is May 25 2023

What my students are saying…

After Krish’s classes I now feel more capable and calm about the birth. Krish helped me connect with my body and I felt feminine and empowered! I am less scared and more calm about the birth, physically and mentally. I would definitely recommend her classes. They were so beneficial in making me feel grounded, level-headed, capable, confident and ready! I felt I was doing my body and my baby good. I would also say that the classes are just a very pleasant slot in your week! I always looked forward to them. The friendly, calm feeling was lovely and they helped me feel like me and get my head in a good space.

Anon, Valencia, Spain

After a lot of different yoga experiences, I can say with certainty that Krish is most definitely my favourite Yoga instructor ever! Her classes and she herself are a gem! Krish is always ready to help you with your questions or just push you gently in the right direction! If your looking for your next favourite yoga class no need to look any further, you’ve found it!

Ilayda Duman, Amsterdam, NL

“Krish is amazing. She is dedicated and prepares her lessons very well. She
pays attention to your posture and is connected with her students. Krish I love your lessons and I can say I’m addicted! Thank you for guiding me.”

Yasemin Sahin, Amsterdam, NL
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